Design and Pre Press

Our pre-press team is equipped with the latest in graphic design software and hardware to ensure a perfect result every time. We employ sophisticated colour matching systems, PMS code books and more to ensure a best result on pre press layout and design with the latest and best technology available.

Pre-press has drastically changed over the last decade. With the degree of integration that’s been achieved, not just in pre-press, but across all departments in the printing process, pre-press has become the game-changer where we are able to deliver the highest level of satisfaction for our customers. Clients want their products to stand out from the crowd and it’s our job to deliver excellent quality pre-press work.

The style of your brand speaks for your business. We believe the way your company / organisation is presented to your clients is the most important aspect of marketing. Which is why we take pride in designing an identity that best presents who, where, why and what your business is.

We have a design team that can present your brand to potential customers in the most effective way possible; with communication, research, ideas and concepts we can design the perfect brand for you.