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Commercial Printing Preston (Melbourne, Victoria)

Our Mission

Following the legacy of almost 70 years in the printing industry our company Roy E. Mayne & Son has the knowledge and a team of print professionals that produce nothing less than high quality work.

From the concept to delivery, whether it’s spot colour stationery, a full colour magazine or retail displays.
We know that a well designed and accurately produced printed piece communicates perfectly to consumers. It creates a memorable image, greater awareness and in turn greater sales.

Design and Pre Press

Our pre-press team is equipped with the latest in graphic design software and hardware to ensure a perfect result every time.

Digital Printing

Digital printing enables us to provide you faster turnaround and greater efficiency than ever before

Large Format

superior solutions for printing wide-format (large format) prints including: engineering drawings, full colour posters, pull up banners and more

Offset Printing

Generally our offset printing services are high volume run jobs which allow for value in bulk printing.

Professional Printer Services

Our History

Roy Edmonds Mayne, born in 1904 was the sole founder of the company we proudly own today.

At the young age of 28 Roy Mayne together with Herbert Richard Welham owned and operated Cremorne Press, Richmond.

The two were at the time famous for their printing of the controversial Unemployed Workers Movement pamphlets titled “Under Forced Labour”.
It was believed they were for the rebellion and were charged with having on June 20 1932 printed for publication or distribution 25 copies of the pamphlets and failed to print on each copy in legible character their names and addresses.

In 1946 Roy Mayne and Herbert Welham ceased trading under Cremorne Press. It’s believe that in this same year, Roy Mayne started printing in his garage at his home in Carlisle Street, Preston.

With great success in his established printing business, Roy Mayne moved the business from his garage to 110 High Street, Preston where there was room for more staff and machinery.

When Roy Mayne’s son Jonathan Edmonds Mayne completed his 4 year compositor apprenticeship Roy Mayne introduced Jonathan into the business as a Co-Director, thus creating the complete name we have today – Roy E. Mayne & Son Pty. Ltd.

At the same premises in 1970 current partner Robert Barker was employed as a printing apprentice. Robert completed his 4 year apprenticeship and went on to be a printer
at Roy E. Mayne & Son Pty Ltd.

The father-son company were doing extremely well in the printing industry and naturally, they expanded. The company needed administration / office aid and in September 1983 hired an office manager, Maria Nardo.

Maria made a great impact on the company with her drive in efficiency and success.
Over the years Maria learnt the technicality and business of the industry and became passionate about print.

On 13th October 1986 Roy Edmonds Mayne passed away at 82 years of age. The company was left to his son Jonathan.

In 1989 Jonathan Mayne sold the business to the current Managing Director, Maria Nardo.
Employing Robert Barker as her business partner, together they have built a company that today has a reputation for the highest standard in quality and efficiency.

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